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CDI offers evidence based solutions .

Consulting and Development International (CDI) was founded and fully incorporated in Uganda in 2002 as a limited liability company.Our core business is providing consumer and commercial debt collection services and consultancy.

CDI has sixteen (16) years of experience in consultancy, financial and credit management.

Products & Services

Credit & Scoring

Statistical analysis performed to access prospects creditworthiness for loans

Credit Evaluation

Identify Eligibility of a business  for a loan or to pay for goods and services over an extended period

Debt Collection

Experienced and  investigative collections are carried out legally and professionally.

Capacity building

Strategic actions taken  to establish resources needed to succeed.

Market Research

Identify the integrity of the organization or individual has to repay a debt.

Bench Marking

Comparison of both internal and external key metrics of the organisation

Why Choose CDI

High value services and products


– Act with honesty and without compromising the truth in all our dealings.


– Ensuring quality service and confidentiality with our clients.

Service Excellency

– Giving the best and world class service.

High compliance standards and professionalism


– Efficient and effective while giving the best solutions.


– Always looking for emerging customer needs and designing best in class solutions.

Good mediation and settlement techniques

Latest News

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